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Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance
  • Air Ambulance
  • Sportif Aviation fulfill the requirements of EU OPS 1 and SHT OPS 1.
  • We have A3 - Emergency Medical Service Type Authorization in our Licience.
  • Our aircrafts are designed with the intensive care units, medical equipments have airworthy and high quality standards.
  • Intensive care patients can be carried on safe to domestic or international.
  • Adults, new born patients can be transferred easily with 1 Strecher and 1 Incubator or 2 Strecher or 2 Incubator configuration.
  • Our jet aircrafts have 5000 km range, twin engines and they are latest model.
  • Over 3000 patients have been transfered in domestic / International safely.
  • Our licenced dispatchers give service 7/24 hours in air operation center.
  • Our aircrafts can be ready within 90 min to transfer the patients .
  • Our priority is flight safety and patient care.